X Series RCA Cable
X Series RCA Cable X Series RCA Cable
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The Emotiva X Series RCA interconnects are built to exacting standards. Constructed using the finest materials and design, they will provide years of reliable performance. Extreme care has been taken to ensure the highest possible sound quality with outstanding immunity from external EMI/RFI interference.

  • Nylon braided anti-scuff jacket over PVC outer insulator.
  • O ring seal between the body of the connector and the sleeve to keep out moisture and dust.
  • 100% double shielding using a solid mylar wrap overlaid with tin-plated, oxygen-free copper braiding.
  • Nylon insulated oxygen-free stranded copper core.
  • Soldered ends of the cable are covered with an injection-molded subchassis to provide a durable, corrosion-resistant, lifetime connection.
  • DCR: .03316 ohm.
  • Sold individually.